Amazing Apps

Here are some great APPS that I use in class and that can be used on your own Ipad or IPod.

SPELLING: Search "My Spelling Test." This is a great APP and one of the most useful. It allows you or your child to insert the spelling/dictee words and then record your voice saying the words. Once this is complete your child can access the words and type out the spelling for each word! Fantastic! There is a FREE version that allows you to sample the APP and another that allows you to purchase the APP. I think it is $1.99.

This one is my favourite for spelling as you can record your voice saying the words in French and English - "Spellosaur" 

FRENCH: Search: "hachette livre". This search will bring up many FREE APPS. They are all wonderful. They are all in French and they teach numbers, letters, colors, shapes, syllables and much more! EXPLORE!

PRINTING: Search: "ABC Easy writer-Printing." This APP allows your child to use his/her finger to write. Great printing practice!


MATH: Search: "Pattern recognition"     "Pattern game"     "Pattern maker"     "Little patterns"       

"Les nombres Montessori"(another favourite of mine!)


ENGLISH: Search: "Pocket Charts! Pro." This APP has it all! Color words, numbers, letters counting, matching games and much more! I believe this one costs $4.99.


FUN STUFF: Search: "Speak it!."    "Draw Now HD."     " Whiteboard"     "Sentence Maker"     "iTalk" and "Simon Says"***