English Spelling Words

Grade 1 English Spelling Words

Students must be able to identify, read and write the following words by the end of Grade One.

1)  the,  of,  and,  a,   to,   in,   is

2)  you,   that,   it,   he,   was,   for,   on

3)  are,   as,   with,   his,   they,   I,   at

4)  be,   this,   have,   from,   or,   one,   had

5)  by,   words,   but,   not,   what,   all,   were

6)  we,   when,   your,   can,   said,   there,   use

7)  an,   each,   which,   she,   do,   how,   their

8)  if,   will,   up,   other,   about,   out,   many

9)  then,   them,   these,   so,   some,   her,   would

10)  make,   like,   him,   into,   time,   has,   look

11)  two,   more,   write,   go,   see,   number,   no

12)  way,   could,   people,   my,   than,   first,   water

13)  been,   called,   who,   am,   its,   now,   find,   long

14)  down,   day,   did,   get,   come,   made,   may,   part